The office of the Bishop of Rome, or the Pope, is considered the highest position in the Catholic Church. Over the centuries, the leaders of the Catholic Church choose who they believe is most worthy to lead their faith.

The power and prestige of the role are not easy to…

Pope Formosus was posthumously put on trial for his corruption. Jean-Paul Laurens, Le Pape Formose et Étienne VII (“Pope Formosus and Stephen VII”), 1870

The office of the Bishop of Rome is an ancient title. While many men have held the office, not all were worthy of the title.

The title of Pope traces its lineage to St. Peter, one of the disciples of Jesus. While the Bishop of Rome was a church office practically from the beginning, the word pope was first used in the mid-10th century to describe the 7th century Pope Vitalian.

In the two-thousand-year history…

More than 3,200 years ago, several ancient civilizations thrived. Then it all suddenly came to an end.

The Course of Empire (1836) by Thomas Cole.

During the Bronze Age, the Mediterranean and Near East were home to several ancient civilizations. The kingdoms of the Egyptians, Hittites, Mycenaeans, Babylonians, Minoans, and others built great cities and palaces. These kingdoms created an interconnected network that made the region a cradle of civilization.

Then something happened.

After a…

One of the Most Horrifying Medieval Laws Probably Didn’t Exist

By Vasily Polenov —, Public Domain,

The award-winning film 1995 Braveheart is deservingly considered one of the best films from the 1990s. The Mel Gibson epic depicts the life of the Scottish hero William Wallace and his struggle for independence from English rule. …

For professional wrestling fans, the name Ric Flair is synonymous with the glory days of the 1980s and 1990s. He was the bad guy people loved to hate but could also be the hero we needed at different points. Flair is one of the most decorated champions in the business…

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